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Contact me at +65-93530122 or feynmanlearningacademy@gmail com to confirm charges and mutual availability I am fully vaccinated with booster as defined by MOH SUBJECTS (List is not exhaustive): Aerodynamics, Aircraft Design, Aircraft / Rocket Propulsion, Aerospace Composite Design, Maths, Engineering Maths, Physics, Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics Electrical Circuits and Electronic Devices, Simulation Modelling (eg RANS Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes, PCA, RPCA, Finite Element Method, Neural Network, Deep Learning), Cryptography (Diffie Hellman, PGP, RSA, SHA, Blockchain), Other Engineering disciplines, Contract Law, Tort Law, Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Business Statistics, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, International Financial Management, Operations Management, Corporate Strategy, Global Strategic Management, Investment Analysis and Management, Financial Engineering (Futures, Options, Black Scholes, etc) Risk Management RATES: My hourly rate for Zoom online session will depend on the exact discipline and level taught, subject to negotiation, as described below: a Polytechnic Zoom online hourly rate is between $80 to $150 for 1 student; b University Zoom online hourly rate is between $80 to $250 for 1 student Complimentary first hour trial tuition session by Zoom available if requested For F2F sessions for 1 student, the following estimated transport charges per F2F session will be payable in addition to the agreed hourly tuition rate: 1 East, Districts 13 to 18: $0 to $15 2 City, Districts 1, 2, 6, 7: $5 to $15 3 Central, Districts 8 to 12: $5 to $15 3 South, Districts 3, 4: $10 to $15 4 North, Districts 19, 20, 25 to 28: $10 to $25 5 West, Districts 5, 21 to 24, $15 to $30 AVAILABILITY: Daily late night Zoom sessions possible until 2am 1 Monday 9am to 11am, 2pm to 6pm, 10pm onwards till 2am 2 Tuesday 9am onwards till 2am 3 Wednesday 9am to 11am, 2pm onwards till 2am 4 Thursday 9am to 4pm, 9pm onwards till 2am 5 Friday 9am onwards till 2am 6 Saturday 8am to 10 30am, 8 30pm onwards till 2am 7 Sunday 6pm onwards till 2am TUTOR'S PROFILE: Master of Aerospace Engineering (University of Washington, Seattle); MBA (NUS); LLB (University of London); BEng(Mechanical) (NUS)