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To the uninitiated, contract review and drafting can be an overwhelming and stressful experience This is because contracts are usually wordy, complex and full of legal jargon

If you are new or inexperienced when it comes to contract review and drafting, it can be difficult to know where or how to start - and so easy to get lost and confused - when you’re handed a contract to read and assess Looming deadlines and commercial pressures do not make things any easier

I recall these painful challenges from first-hand experience during my early days as a lawyer Throughout my experiences as a legal counsel, business executive and adjunct lecturer, I have also seen my peers, colleagues and students experience the same

This course was created and designed to help ease these challenges and to empower those who need to review and draft contracts but who lack the experience, knowledge and skills to do so confidently and effectively

In this course, you will learn about five (5) key elements (or building blocks) of contracts which are the need-to-know essentials for contract review and drafting, namely:


  1. Obligations
  2. Conditions precedent
  3. Powers
  4. Representations
  5. Warranties

This course will equip you with practical knowledge and appreciation of these key elements through a structured series of bite-sized videos and guided practice questions After completing this course, you will have a toolkit of methods and frameworks to help enhance your review and drafting of contracts

It is my sincere hope that this course will help you to review and draft contracts with far less stress and much more confidence, and provide you with a solid foundation for building your contracting expertise

In-person teaching rate: $100 per hour

Online course option available