Ad Promotions

Making your ads stand out on Classitree, the biggest marketplace in Singapore, will help you sell your items quickly and for the best price. While posting ads on classitree is free, Ad Promotions is a paid feature that increases response rates and speeds up sales.

Get more views and responses

Ad promotions are made to save you time and effort while increasing the views and responses to your advertisement!

Sell fast for the best price

More responses means more interested buyers for your ad. You have the power to sell the item at the best possible price!

Pick from multiple Ad Promotions!

You can apply the above Ad Promotions in any combination you choose! Applying multiple Ad Promotions at once gets you even more views and responses so you can sell even faster.

  • bumpup
    Bump Up
    Use the Spotlight promotion to display your expensive goods in a sizable, super-premium slot directly at the top of the ad listings page. Buyers pay close attention to ads promoted with Spotlight right away, so be sure to include attractive photos in your ad!
    • Once per day, bumped-up ads appear at the top of the regular ad listings and scroll down the page as new ads are added.
    • For the duration of the promotion, this procedure is repeated daily.
  • topad
    Top Ad
    The phrase "top ad" typically refers to the banner that tops a web page or search engine results page. Due to the fact that it is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at a page or perform a search, it is regarded as premium advertising real estate.
    • Use the Bump Up promotion to move your ad up and receive up to 10 times as many views as with standard ads!
    • The purpose of top ads, which are typically paid placements, is to draw attention from potential customers and increase traffic to a website or product