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Memberships provide your company with additional visibility on Classitree, increasing the number of clients you may access. Our membership plans are created especially to provide you with the resources you need to grow your company and boost sales. You will get our newsletter as a member, which contains strong advice on how to successfully grow your business on Classitree.

Benefits of Membership

Join today and post more advertisements! Instead of worrying about ad constraints, concentrate on writing quality ads that successfully sell your products. You sell more the more ads you place. Auto-approvals of their ads are also available to a select group of dependable individuals with a solid track record.


Build trust

With a Classitree membership, we're assisting in the development of trust for your online store. Members' advertising and stores include a "Member since" note to indicate how long they have been a dependable member.

Select members may also avail the


Free promotions

Free marketing for your ads! You may use the free vouchers you receive each month to add Top Ad, Bump Up, Urgent, or Spotlight promotions to your advertisements in order to increase response rates.

Your own shop on classitree

By establishing a page on Classitree only for your company, you may develop your own brand there! All of your advertising are featured in one location, similar to your own online shop, and you can personalize it by adding your tagline, logo, cover photo, and other company information.

Automatically re-post your ads

When an advertisement expires, do you get tired of displaying it repeatedly? Look nowhere else! After your ad expires, you may set up classitree to automatically renew it.

Track buyer interest

See the level of everyday attention that your advertisement has sparked among consumers! To evaluate the effectiveness of an advertisement, you may measure both the quantity of views and the number of leads over time.

Add more images

You may add extra photos to your adverts as part of our membership packages to make them more eye-catching and informative! The more real visuals you use, the more interest customers will take in your advertisement.

Member badge

Your advertisements stand out from those placed by individual sellers thanks to the member badge that is shown on all member advertising! Also, we provide unique badges to give your ads a more premium feel.

Super charged ad discovery

As your clients peruse your advertising, Classitree will show more products from your shop than comparable ads from your rivals to help sell your ads. As a premium member, we make it simpler for your clients to locate your advertisements and provide them the option to search inside them on your store page.

New developments

Are you a real estate developer working on a new venture? Get your own page to promote and sell apartments in your new development! On this page, you may list the units that are offered and explain all the project specifics. These units' advertisements will be displayed in a different category named New Projects.


Use the Employer Dashboard to conveniently track and manage any job applications that resulted from your job postings. By browsing and sorting through the profiles in our online profile database, you may find the talent you need quickly. Hiring is much easier with Staffing Solutions! Give us your requirements, and we'll provide you with a list of excellent, pre-screened individuals to pick from.

Dedicated customer support

Hire an executive that will assist you with all of your needs, including placing adverts! Over the duration of your membership, you have access to our sales and customer support teams as well.

Dedicated customer support


Purchase a Business Premium Membership to receive a unique badge, a greater ad allowance, and other advantages.

Validate your information with Classitree to earn this desired emblem that tells customers you are dependable and it is safe to do business with you.


The Featured badge makes all of your advertising stand out from the competition and boosts sales. This badge is only available to certain members.


This unique symbol is only given to authorized dealers and assures customers that the products they purchase from you are genuine.

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