Sell fast on Classitree

Here are some hints on how to post ads that generate a lot of interest from potential customers.

See our ad posting rules

Add as much detail as you can.

Clearer ads receive more views! Put in keywords and details that customers will find interesting. When delivering these facts, keep your integrity in mind.

Add great photos

Use clear photos of the item you're selling. Ads with real photos get up to 10 times more views than ads with catalogue/stock photos. Make sure the lighting is good and take photos from different angles.

Pick the right price

When the price is right, anything sells! Go through comparable advertisements on Classitree and pick a reasonable price. Generally speaking, demand increases as the price decreases. Be sure you choose the negotiable option when placing the ad if you are ready to bargain.

Apply Ad Promotions!

It's time to display your fantastic advertisement now that you've finished it! Use ad promotions to increase the number of people who see and are interested in your ad by up to ten times. Your chances of selling quickly and for the price you desire are better the stronger the demand.

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