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I believe that every child can be challenged to excel It is every parent's desire and aspiration to make their children succeed in their learning process I understand that deep desire you have and I have the tools and skills to help you materialise your dream to see your child excel


I am a MOE-trained teacher and have a degree in Master of Education (Curriculum & Teaching) I have been teaching for over 20 years I teach English for all primary levels


My approach to teaching the English language is to develop the following skills such as reading, listening, speaking and writing deeply Students need to understand context and have opportunities for the use of the language In fact, it is a challenge to master the English language simply because the skills are all intertwined and thus a student must have a good grasp of them to be an effective communicator


I have helped many students to succeed in their learning of the subject


As a tutor, I strongly believe in caring for my students Not only do I ensure that they learn well but also love and enjoy the learning process


Please contact me if you need help for your child It is important to start early so that your child does not end up accumulating learning gaps





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My Credentials:


B A English language and Literature (OUUK)

Masters in Education (NIE)

Diploma in Education (NIE)

'A' Levels (Nanyang Junior College)

'O' Levels (Dunman Secondary School)