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Law (whether business law, contract law or tort law) can be difficult to understand - especially for those new to the subject

Things are made EVEN MORE difficult with haphazard slides, heavy readings, multiple university deadlines and commitments, lack of time, and the bell-curve!
Yes, law school can be daunting and overwhelming I know because I've been there and done my time
If you find yourself wishing that you had someone qualified, experienced, dedicated and patient to:
  • explain complicated concepts in a way that you can easily understand;
  • provide you with frameworks and summaries to short-circuit your learning curve;
  • teach you how to answer assignment / test questions in a structured manner; and
  • help you identify your own weaknesses in answering assignment / test questions and show you how to improve
Well, look no further!
Here's why I can help:
  • I graduated from the top local law school with Second Upper honours
  • I have legal practice experience - both private and in-house
  • I used to teach business law as an adjunct faculty at a local tertiary institution
  • I have personally developed frameworks and tips which I wish to impart
  • (MOST IMPORTANTLY) I have a passion for doing the above-mentioned for students who are willing to learn
Rate: $100 per hour
I have helped many students understand and apply law (whether business law, contract law or tort law), whether as a lecturer or private tutor So why not let me ease you into the start of your law school journey and make me your personal resource to speed up your learning?
Contact me today and I'll be happy to learn about your needs and goals
Still unsure? Here are some sample feedback from my students:
  • "I approached Peter as an incoming year 1 law student The first thing that struck me was his receptiveness to my needs He put himself in my shoes and shared with me insights that he would have wanted to know as a year 1 student Learning the law with Peter was exhilarating The courtroom battles he portrayed brought the letter of the law to live Most importantly, I was inspired to be the best law student I could because he taught me that the outcome of every case that I would be fighting contributes to the rich tapestry of common law Reaching out to Peter was one of my best decisions and I am sure it will be yours too " - Year 1 Law School Student
  • "Thank you for all your guidance, indeed I don't feel as nervous and lost as I would have without the classes, and it was the most fulfilling thing for me this break " - Year 1 Law School Student
  • "Peter helped me compartmentalize and break down the complex contract law concepts This certainly gave me a good headstart in the lectures and allowed me to contextualise what was being mentioned in the lectures despite the complex terms being mentioned by the professors His demonstration on answering exam questions was surely a bonus as his analysis allowed me to highlight my writing weaknesses which is something that would be rare to receive from my professors Overall, it was certainly useful!" - Year 1 Law School Student
  • "Peter is a highly qualified tutor who makes a convoluted subject relatively easier to understand Looking back at the entire course, I find the session where we discussed a practice question the most useful as it really enlightened me on how questions should be effectively approached and answered For what’s it’s worth, I think Peter’s professionalism and teaching quality is worth every dollar you’re paying " - Year 1 Law School Student