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Do you make mistakes in English?

The reason why so many people do not speak or write good English and jeopardise their career simply because they never have the habit of doing so Habit formation comes from constant practice

Unfortunately, many people learn the hard or wrong way Practice does not make Perfect, Practice makes Permanent Therefore, the correct practice is critical

No more than 15 mins a day is required to cultivate the right habit to speak correct English and use it to progress in your career

I teach you to use English in an easy and simple way, hence you can progress in a very short time You will have an unstoppable self-confidence and inspiration to excel not only in your English language but to also succeed in your life

Using my clear, easy and simple method, you have the ability to have a fluent use of English in your conversation, presentations and meetings at all times You will stand out and gain visibility in your career and life

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Price: $70 per hour

Class Location: Online or in my home near Buona Vista MRT

About Me

I'm an English Specialist and I have been coaching people on how to speak their way to success for over 13 years My teaching method focuses on uncovering how you communicate at work and in your life to make powerful changes to be a fearless communicator in English and achieve your career goals

I was born in Australia and have lived in the UK and the US before settling in Singapore