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UOL Financial Management Tuition, UOL FM Tuition by Experienced UOL First Class Honours Graduate Finance Tutor: Contact +65 9651-5438

Hello fellow students from University of London (UOL)!
For more information regarding Exam Focused UOL Financial Management Tuition (UOL FM Tuition) in Singapore, please do not hesitate to contact +65 9651-5438
Tutor's Credentials:
  • First Class Honours Graduate in UOL Banking and Finance
  • Recipient of the UOL Academic Excellence Award
  • High Distinctions for UOL Finance Examinations
  • Full time tutor with more than 8 years of teaching experience
  • Prior work experience in Macroeconomics research and the Banking and Finance industry
Exam Focused Teaching Methodology:
  • Understanding crucial concepts and applying them to a variety of exam questions
  • Simplifying complicated finance concepts with exam focused mind-maps/notes
  • Identifying exam trends (Question spotting)
  • Highlighting common errors and pitfalls made by candidates in the UOL Financial Management examination
For more information regarding Exam Focused UOL Tuition in Singapore, please do not hesitate to contact +65 9651-5438
We offer Exam Focused UOL Tuition for the following subjects:
  • UOL Introduction to Economics (UOL Intro to Econs)
  • UOL Microeconomics (UOL Micro)
  • UOL Mathematics 1 (UOL Math 1)
  • UOL Mathematics 2 (UOL Math 2)
  • UOL Statistics 1 (UOL Stats 1)
  • UOL Statistics 2 (UOL Stats 2)
  • UOL Principles of Banking and Finance (UOL PBF)
  • UOL Principles of Accounting (UOL POA)
  • UOL Investment Management (UOL IM)
  • UOL Principles of Corporate Finance (UOL PCF)
  • UOL Financial Management (UOL FM)
  • UOL Asset Pricing and Financial Markets (UOL APFM)
  • UOL Financial Intermediation (UOL FI)
  • UOL Management and Innovation of e-business (UOL EBIZ)
  • UOL Managerial Economics (UOL ME)
  • UOL Management Science Methods (UOL MSM)

Thank you for your time and all the best for the UOL academic year ahead! :)