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Vytaliz spray is a new name Durexy Spray

LIKNI POM NA 18190122578
Do not make numbness or numbness

VyTaliz Spray is a durable drug that serves to end the ed you suffer Simply 2-3 sprays on the head and stem Mr Pi, flatten, wait a few minutes and you will be ready to fight with your partner for hours

How to use durable drugs vytaliz spray

1 Spray vytaliz spray only when connecting Seek only (not used routine)
2 Beat the bottle of the Vyldaliz spray medicine first
3 Spray 2-3 times VyTaliz to the head and the Terenis and flatten from the base to the end of MR PI (not including Zaakar fruit)
4 Wait for a minimum of 20-30 minutes
5 Rinse with water and soap until clean and ready to connect

VyTaliz can function properly after 45 minutes, but the best results if waiting after 2 hours, and vytaliz spray can still function up to 12 hours

Depending on how much you spray, if more and more then your resilience will be longer


For the first use of spray a little (quite 3 sprays), if it is less new to use the second use

Only for external use Vytaliz spray is not to drink, and don't spray on open wounds
Save VyTaliz in the refrigerator or refrigerator (don't be on the freezer)

Liquid shaped with a small packaging of 20 ml for 60 usage times (2-3 spray only per use)

1 bottle of 20 ml

Contact : Viona phan
Whatssp / telegram : +62 856 66 77 456

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