Soundproof your existing windows with Magnetite Noise Shield

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Are you getting tired of hearing the traffic noise through your window all the time? Or that annoying construction site which never stops?


Our Magnetite Noise Shields will soundproof your windows to give you the peace and quiet you so need


How do our Noise Shields work?

We install a slimline uPVC frame with a steel tape around your existing window Then we attach our acrylic Noise Shields with a magnetic clip to achieve a total air seal The air seal, together with the air gap between the original window and the acrylic, and the use of soundproof materials, is the key to soundproofing



NOISE REDUCTION - We achieve a reduction in noise of up to 70%


SOUNDPROOF SLIDING DOORS -Sliding doors and windows are particularly prone to noise-leaking as they don't seal tightly No problem for Magnetite - it works on sliding doors too!


HEAT REDUCTION - Achieve optimal heat reduction by sealing your windows tight with our acrylic panels


INVISIBLE FROM THE OUTSIDE - Your condo management won't be able to tell that you have installed Magnetite Noise Shields, and will happily give their approval as the facade remains



HACK-FREE - Magnetite Noise Shields can be installed easily, even on high floors, with minimum disturbance to your busy life


KEEP YOUR EXISTING WINDOWS - Changing your windows is disruptive and often prohibited by condo management Our system is simply added onto the inside of your existing windows


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