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The Serene Retreat makes No Judgements just welcomes all who knock on its door and offers a new opportunity for freedom from addiction and a way to regain control over your own life The Serene Retreat acknowledges that the scourge of substance abuse is an ever-present threat to our community health The Centre works tirelessly to equip those who have made incorrect choices, to rediscover their true roles in life

Our work at the Serene Retreat was born out of the need in our community to address the increase in substance abuse and drug-related crimes We offer a cost-effective and professional rehabilitation programme that is accessible to all within our Community, and is our contribution towards …


We pride ourselves as the treatment programme concept takes into consideration the Cultural and Ethnic backgrounds of our clients Treatment plans are designed to facilitate the growth of the individual with these factors in mind, a comprehensive treatment plan is developed with input from a range of treatment professionals which include our Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Therapist and Recovery support staff We also believe that a holistic approach is needed in the treatment of the recovering person rather than focusing on a one type fits all approach Many facilities advertised their services and claim to be the “Best Rehab in Asia…”, we pride ourselves that we are the best at what we do by way of word of mouth referrals from previous clients that have been treated in the Region by some of our treatment staff


Primary phase refers to stabilization after detoxification During this period clients are introduced to the concepts of recovery

Secondary phase refers to clients that have stabilize and are in the process of reintergration back into their normal life This is where the emphasis is on relapse prevention and the development of coping skills to deal with everyday life eventualities Most treatment facilities do not cater for this phase and chances of relapse into old behavior and patterns occur

Aftercare support is the last phase in treatment where clients are referred to attend on going support by way of support groups eg N/A & AA support groups

We also cater for a 18 month internship programme for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of addiction They will undergo a internship programme where upon completion would qualify to sit for a exam with the Colombo Plan for credentialing as a RSC (recovery support coach) and also with the Asian Pacific Board as a CSATi (certified substance abuse therapist)


Our rooms are all with attached bathrooms and television sets in all rooms We have 2 types of accommodation single and sharing depending on the clients choice Laundry and housekeeping services are provided on a daily basis