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If you’ve ever had any dreams of recording your own professional song in the comfort of your home, this course is for you My Music Production lessons provides singers, songwriters and producers basic to advanced knowledge of music production methods and techniques You will bring the songs you write into fruition and make release-quality mixes of your written music My lessons can be tailored to any genre of music required (Pop, EDM, Dubstep and so on ) Do you like to Produce a song from scratch? Record your voice and add instruments? Make a remix? Make a Dj mix for your Soundcloud page? Are you a live performer? My lessons are interactive through a remote audio/video collaboration in real-time with a high quality audio, so I'm able to teach like if I'm next to you All you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop (Mac or Pc) MUSIC PRODUCTION COURSE Gear Setup & DAW Understand the gear and equipment you need to set up a home recording studio Find out what you need and what kind of quality and budget to expect Go minimalist is the key Main production software is Ableton (Win or Mac), Logic X, and tons of VSTs Recording & Arrangement Get hands-on recording sessions! Lay your voice or instrument tracks (or both), and get practical lessons on arrangement and midi programming Play with sound effects and discover how to add that extra dimension to your music Mixing & Mastering Achieve a professional mix by learning how to edit like a music producer Understand EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay techniques, and Mastering a complete music production project Export Formats Learn about the various recording and exporting formats Understand the differences between uncompressed and compressed formats (wav, mp3), find out which works better and why and how each affects sound quality INSTRUCTOR My name is Marco Scaligeri and I'm an Italian pianist with a Bachelor Degree of Music in Performance and Music composition I'm also a Dj and a live performer I have been releasing few albums on different labels [***] soundcloud com/m_lewis [***] com/noiizebeat [***] mixcloud com/marklewisdj/ CONTACT Phone & Whatsapp: +(960) 789 1267 Email: mscaligeri@gmail com