Online Zoom PSLE Chinese Preparation Class

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Course Details(课程内容): Oral (口试) Listening Comprehension (听力理解) PSLE Vocabulary, Idiom & Proverbs(小六会考字词, 成语及谚语) Reading Comprehension(理解问答) Composition (作文) Past PSLE Chinese Exam Paper (历届华文会考试卷) Examination Skills & Tips (考试技巧&小贴士) Mock Examination (模拟考试) This course is specially designed for P6 students who are taking Chinese as their mother tongue and will be sitting for the PSLE examination The main purpose of this course is to help students get better grades in their PSLE For inquiry, please email: info@blchinese com Or SMS: 90620689 Limited seating, first come basis! 欲报从速!