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It's time to pick up Taekwondo Foundations to protect your loved ones and to continue with your healthy Lifestyle!

Classes are categorized by age and we welcomed people from different ages to learn from us!

Do not wait, It is your time now!


For Children Age 12 Years Old and Below, we are offering a FREE 20 minutes trial class

For Teens, Adult's Trial classes or for general enquires, you may reach us at our respective branches as follows:


1 Bukit Timah HeadQuarters

Address: Beauty World Center #03-37

Email: bukittimahkyunghee@gmail com

Contact Number: +65 6469-7001


2 Jurong East Branch

Address: Jurong Gateway #02-319/#02-329

Email: jurongeastkyunghee@gmail com

Contact Number: +65 6563-3277


3 Orchard Forum Branch

Address: Forum Shopping Mall #02-33

Email: orchardkyunghee@gmail com

Contact Number: +65 6219-3278


Various promotional/discount packages waiting for you after you attend the trial class!

In addition, you may also refer to our Official Website for the respective course schedule as follows:


1, Bukit Timah HeadQuarter

Course Schedule: [***] kyunghee com com/schedule/bukit-timah/


2 Jurong East Branch

Course Schedule: [***] kyunghee com com/schedule/jurong-east/


3 Orchard Branch

Course Schedule: [***] kyunghee com com/schedule/orchardforum/


Register your trial lesson now at [***] kyunghee com com/book-a-trial/

or alternatively you can call us at our respective branch above to schedule for a trial lesson!

Take the first step or never!


Follow us for more information at:



[***] instagram com/kyunghee tkd com/



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