How to SOLVE a Rubiks Magic Cube Tutorial Lesson

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- How to SOLVE a Rubiks Magic Cube Tutorial Lesson Did you know there are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 (43 quintillion, 252 quadrillion, 3 trillion, 274 billion, 489 million, 856 thousand) possible configurations (combinations) of the Rubiks Cube puzzle BUT only ONE is correct ? Knowing what the solution should be is one thing, what's more important is knowing how to solve it ! After knowing how to solve, what's even more important is how fast you can solve ! Rubik’s Magic cube is the all-time BEST selling education puzzle More than 600 million cubes have been sold worldwide But only a handful know how to solve the cube Learn steps & ‘algorithms’ required to solve Rubik’s cube from any scrambled messed up position Very good exercise for both left & right brains Develops logical thinking & analysis skills & gives a great sense of achievement ! Cubing not only enhances & stimulates the mind, brain & memory power but improves the way one learns Increases IQ & improves reflexes - especially for the kids / children / students ! Its also stress relieving & helps one to remain calm and relax Furthermore, it’s a low maintenance cost activity A good quality cube will last you a life time There is also no risk to injury unlike certain physical sports Each How to Solve Tutorial Lesson would be a ONE TIME 4 HOURS BLOCK Information, materials, photos, print outs, algorithm moves, notes etc will be provided Lesson covers - - Brief Background & History of Rubik’s Cube - Speedcubing & methods of solving - World Cube Association competitions - Current World Record solve times - How does Solving a Rubik’s Cube (Cubing) help a student ? - Comprehensive lesson on Solving a Rubik’s 3x3 cube (Cubing) by Partial Advanced CFOP Method Note: This is a ONE TIME 4 hour lesson, UNLIKE normal tuition where you have it twice a week, 4x a month, 12x a year, Primary 1, Primary 2 all the way to Secondary and forever Attached are photos of some of my many customers who took lessons from me - Advanced Lessons of Cube Solving available too ! _____________________ Some inspirational videos of my kids solves: > Here is my 11 years old son Solskjaer solving a 2x2 Cube in 6 43 seconds at the Singapore Open 2014 Rubiks Competition: ?v=MqvbciYOJ6E & also solving a 3x3 Cube in 29 69 seconds at the same event ?v=i4a3nlWXoF8 Solving in 23 77 secs : www youtube com/watch?v=DgO8UccrJrY > Here is video of my 7 years old daughter with 20 14 sec Personal Best Solve for 3x3: Average of 5 as of 12th Sep 2015 - Personal Best 20 14 sec & Average 22 9 sec Video at: Solve Times: 21 189 sec, ( 20 149 sec ), 22 711 sec, 24 953 sec, ( 25 527 sec ) 7 9 sec Personal Best Solve for 2x2 video -Q-gMvwlAgU Blindfold PLL & PBL Solve video www youtube com/watch?v=sqspDAafQAA Skewb Solve: www youtube com/watch?v=OTbXmGUF2M8 Execution of 4 of the 21 PLL (Advanced Method solving of last layer final step = Permutation of Last Layer) - 4 hardest PLL - 4x G Perms www youtube com/watch?v=slIGbk-FUTQ Execution 40 out of 57 OLL (Advanced Method solving of last layer 2nd last step = Orientation of Last Layer) - 0BKfs _____________________ For Lessons price or other enquiries for cubes or cubes related stuffs from 74 manufacturers, pls whatsapp +65 * - Lessons at Lakeside Do not message me in ads