Create systematic Agile virtual community in an epidemic era

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[How to create systematic Agile virtual community in the era of an epidemic?]

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Objectives: Roger will be sharing his experiences and lessons learnt in organizing online communities in Taiwan to the local communities in SG


All community members and organizers are welcome to join us for an exchange of ideas!


About the session


Taiwan Agile Tribe was established in May 2018 It includes three major communities and more than ten active sub-communities The themes of communities include: Advanced Scrum, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Kanban, Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), Agile Diagnostic Room, Business Analysis, Coaching, Communication, Agile HR and so on


Taiwan Agile Tribe has attracted many members who are interested in the practical applications and successful cases of agile work Currently, it has more than 5,000 members, of which more than 50% are project management professionals with PMP licenses, 25% are Agile workers, and 25% are Agile license holders In addition to regular professional speeches and discussions monthly, several internationally renowned speakers are invited, including Mike Cohn, Roman Pichler, Evelyn Tian, Lucy Liu and other agile experts


Taiwan Agile Tribe can gradually achieve this expected stage result by following the four steps of community management:

1 Establish the vision and objectives
2 Recruit members
3 Organize interactive workshops
4 Facilitate and motivate communities


Anything Taiwan Agile Tribe can do, Singapore Agile Community can do it better!


Session Agenda

- Sharing by Roger Chou
- Q&A


Session details

- Date: 10 Nov 2021
- Time: 9pm to 1030pm
- Venue: Zoom
-Participants limit: 50


About the speaker: Roger Chou, PhD


Roger first started learning about Agile in 2014 After obtaining CSM and CSPO, he adopted Agile in the company's PMIS development and PMI-ACP certificate training and development He is good at managing large-scale Scrum (more than 100 people) virtual teams and non-IT Scrum projects, and has used Agile to promote 4 national standards for project management in Taiwan He is the editor-in-chief of Chinese versions of three classic international Agile books, and is currently serving as Scrum Master of Taiwan Agile Tribe


He was awarded the 2015 Agile Awards Person Who Has Done the Most to Promote Agile, and cultivated more than half of the CSMs in Taiwan with Mr Bill [***] pr/3lfdCbz