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Good day!


My name is Kai and I offer web design services as well as digital marketing services for all your corporate and e-commerce needs!


A little about me, I am not your average freelancer


I am not new and trying things out nor am I a casual hobbyist, I have been in the IT industry for 5 years and have built over 50 websites as well as handled over 40 digital marketing accounts Unfortunately, my services are not cheap


Compared to other freelancers on gumtree, my services are definitely pricier However, my rates are much better than corporate I ensure that my quality will not be any worse than corporate and during the whole process, you will have direct contact with me 1-to-1 contact and responsibility is a big part of what I offer


If you think I am what you are looking for, give me a call and we can work something out! If not, I think it will be best I do not take up too much of your time here!


Now, I understand the difficulties of running or managing a business and not just the value of money and stability but also, time There are 2 aspects of any business that my services will help in


Give me a call at 902 *(Kai) for a free consultation



1 Scaling and Stability


Every business wants to generate more sales and earn more money The question begins on how should they generate that income and continue to grow it Competition is tough and sales are often not stable If you are lacking behind in an area, the nature of business competition will not be kind to you


Building a website is a must and highlight by this recent situation It is also time to rethink your marketing efforts and create an income stream that is stable and scalable to ensure healthy growth for your company



2 Manpower


Manpower may be strange to hear here After all, I am not a recruitment agency nor a provider of HR services However, what I can offer is basic automation One of the benefits that come with adopting Digital platforms is convenience There are no paper receipts when a customer purchases online nor physical written copies of inventory or customer particulars


This means that efforts for bookkeeping, follow-ups, promotions and updating customers of changes have been GREATLY reduced The workflow will be less chaotic and messy while customers will be happier! Not to mention, you as the owner or manager will no longer need to have a headache when everything is stored and categorized on your web server




If you have any enquiries, feel free to contact me at 902 *(Kai)


I have been continuously honing my digital skillset and helping the business out with their core issues for the past 5 years, having worked with different industries, I can identify what your customers are looking for and how best to represent yourself to them! If you are still reading, thank you! I will be waiting for your call!


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