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Why Choose Us?

️ Backed by the Yik Yik Happiness Guarantee

Yik Yik goes right down to business and “Yik Yik”  is going to be the only thing you are hearing when our team of experienced professionals carry out their dedicated service to you Similar to a concierge service, let us know what is required and our Yikkies would deliver above and beyond, delivering efficient and outstanding service homemakers can only hope to achieve through an entire day’s work of labour in just 3 hours!

️ Experienced and Efficient Professionals

All our professional cleaning crew goes through a tough selection process and constantly goes through performance reviews and training to ensure they perform at their best

️ Dedicated Customer Happiness Officers

Our dedicated customer happiness team is here for you – Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00 by email, phone, or Whatsapp


List of services: 

1 Weekly Home Cleaning + Chores

2 Fortnightly Home Cleaning + Chores

3 Twice a week home cleaning + Chores

4 Thrice a week home cleaning + Chores


The industry-leading Yik Yik Concierge Class housekeeping service will assign you a dedicated housekeeping executive to manage your specific demands for your housekeeping tasks Simply reach out to our customer service number on whatsapp to request any specific services you need (E g Power washing, polishing etc)  

*Let us know if you require any services not listed here as well!


Basic Cleaning Job Scope:


Wiping and cleaning of all surfaces including aircon exterior and furnitures (cabinets, cupboards etc )

Cleaning of window interiors, frames and grill, mirror cleaning

Cleaning of all fans (except ceiling fans) and normal light fixtures

Dusting / wiping/ disinfection all light switches

General cleaning/degreasing (not deep cleaning) of kitchen stove & hob 

General cleaning/degreasing (not deep cleaning) of kitchen sink, faucet & countertop

Microwave interior & exterior cleaning, disinfecting (must be empty)

Interior and Exterior of Refrigerator/Fridge (must be empty)

Cleaning and disinfection of toilet floors & walls

Cleaning and disinfection of toilet sink, faucets, toilet bowl, bath tub & shower

All floor surfaces vacuumed and mopped


Pricing Details: 


Studio Apartment - $2xx nett

1 Bedroom Condo / 2 Room HDB: $2xx nett

2 Bedroom Condo / 3 Room HDB: $3xx nett

3 Bedroom Condo / 4 room HDB: $3xx nett

4 Bedroom Condo / 5 room HDB: $4xx nett

Maisonette HDB/ Executive Apartment: $4XX and up

Landed: PM 


Whatsapp us for any enquiries or booking!



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