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RI / RJC Graduate

NTU LKC Medicine

7 Distinctions for A Levels


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50% Tuition Fees Refund Should Improvements not be Met

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Hi, I am JunHou, I graduated from RI / RJC with 7 Distinctions for A Levels:

General Paper (H1) A

Mathematics (H2) A

Physics (H2) A

Chemistry (H2) A

Economics (H2) A

Project Work (H1) A

Chinese (H1) A

O Levels Higher Chinese A1


Throughout my time in RJC, I have also consistently maintained top 20% in RJC for Mathematics and Physics I am currently studying in NTU LKC School of Medicine I also received offers from NUS Computer Science and Mathematics Double Degree as well as SMU Law


I have taught for 3 years now All students have seen massive improvement within short time Read below to find out how


1 Learn the Trick to SCORE

Mathematics isn't difficult, neither is it a subject where you need to be 'talented' in order to do well I have devised a highly effective method to study the subject that will allow all students to be able to master and ace the subject, regardless of current proficiency in the subject Having used this method to ace all my math exams in RI, RJC and A Levels and having helped all my students see massive improvement using this method, this method has proven to be highly effective and applicable to all students



️Many tuition centres over-complicate concepts in an attempt to impress parents and students with their 'sophisticated' teaching This usually confuses students, resulting in more misconceptions and A LOT of unnecessary time wasted on trying to understand the concept This is contrary to my teaching, which emphasises that a smart student simplifies complicated things rather than complicate simple things

️ I spent 6 months creating and organising a 'Cheat Sheet', that summarises every topic to just 4-10 bullet point to include:

1 Essential Formulas

2 Common Careless Mistakes

3 Compilation of ALL Question Types and steps to solve them

️ All my students have exclusive access to this cheat sheet By simply memorising this Cheat Sheet and putting it into practice, students are equipped to solve every possible question that can be tested during the O/A Levels

️This simplifies students' learning, allowing them to boost their grades, and more importantly, do so with less time spent studying the subject



All my students (literally all) have seen improvements of at least 2 grades within 1 year of guidance (With exception of A1/A2 Students) I am absolutely confident that I will do the same with every student I am hence willing to take an unprecedented measure- to refund 50% of all tuition fees should desired improvements not be met


Excellent Teaching Record (Below are a few Examples)


1 NYGH Girl (sec 3-4 / 201 *)

A Math: B4 - A1

E Math: B3 - A1


2 HCI Boy (sec 2 - sec 3 / 201 *)

Math (Sec 2): C6 to A1

A Math (Sec 3): Consistently maintained A1 and A2

E Math (Sec 3): Consistently maintained A1


3 CCK Secondary Boy (sec 2 - sec 3 / 201 *)

Math: C6 - A2


4 Raffles JC boy (JC 2/2021)

H2 Math (J2): 52% to 81% in just 3 months


5 RGS Girl (Sec 2/2021)

Math (Sec 2): D7 to B3 in just 3 months