Piano lessons online via zoom offer personalised piano cours

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  • Online piano lessons via zoom
  • My students learn to improvise with ease, to compose and understand the language of music
  • I offer personalised piano courses: arrangements for beginners, backing tracks to practice
  • I offer a free introductory lesson without any obligation to continue


I teach in a way that encourages my students to make their own music My goal is to help them to create a life-long bond with music, to be playful in their music making, to introduce them to inspiring new pieces and encourage them to find their own musical voice


Each student is unique, therefore I tailor my lessons to suit each individual’s needs, goals, personality and musical taste In my piano lessons the path to musical freedom is paved with students’ favourite songs, inspiring repertoire, improvisation games and fun activities in various musical styles I make sure that every lesson is balanced, that every lesson covers three areas: piano technique or music theory, work on the chosen songs and creative activities, such as composing, arranging and improvising


Every student plays a different repertoire according to what their goal is and their favourite genre I prepare interesting compositions suitable to their musical preferences or I arrange songs by their choice I transcribe them into a beginner level music score using the notation with added note names To simplify the learning journey I create videos where I provide an additional explanation of theory concepts, or a slow tutorial that focuses on technical problems, or just a simple recap of the online lesson


I believe that having music by your side in all of the important steps in life can be truly transformative I want my students to realize their potential, to be able to have inspired musical conversations with themselves, and to share their musical world with others


You can read more about my approach on my website www mypianocourse com If you have any questions, you can write to hello@mypianocourse com, I will try to reply in 24h


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