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Looking to slowly introducing yourself back to your previous training routine? or if you have not been exercising during the pandemic phase last year and thinking of getting back on track, or even if you have no prior experience or knowledge on exercising and diets and you're looking for help in these aspects, that will not be a hindrance at all! I don't promote myself as the kind of trainer who actively clings on the tagline - "Lose fat, gain muscle" I believe that is just a byproduct of your hard work and effort ( which will come-by naturally!) and your primary focus should be developing on getting stronger overall and your mental resilience! I offer In-house personal training services, with a customized training program that is specifically tailored around your goals and targets on improving your weaknesses If you are looking for a more fun-filled training experience that jacks up your heart rate without using traditional cardio training, pick up some self-defense skills, whilst improving your overall fitness (e g strength, speed, coordination, flexibility, etc ) at the same time, Muay thai might just be the thing for you! Regardless of your training goals, I believe I have the way to assist you in reaching them! Contact me through whatsapp or telegram @ 906 * Credentials: Certified NSCA personal trainer