About Classitree

About classitree.sg online platform

classitree.sg is an online platform which makes easy for you to buy and sell any product or service in the best way.

Through our website you can do a speedy and an effective buying and selling locally just only by selecting your region. Posting an advertisement on classitree.sg can be done very easily within a few minutes. You just have to create a free account and then you can post your advertisements at any time.

classitree.sg has not only original items but also the best second hand items.

We always try to make it easier for the customers to buy the best products and services while giving the maximum customer satisfaction. So if you want to buy or sell a vehicle, mobile phone, beauty product, medical device or a property, you will definitely find the best deal on classitree.sg. classitree.sg has more than 40 categories and you can buy or sell any product or service in those categories.

All the advertisements are reviewed before show up on our site to make sure that they meet our quality standards.