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Tuesday OR Saturday :
3pm to 4pm- P3 Malay 4 15pm to 5 15pm - P4 Malay 5 30pm to 6 30pm - P5 Malay 8pm to 9pm - P6 Malay
Wednesday OR Friday :
3pm to 4pm - P4 Math 4 15pm to 5 15pm - P3 Math 5 30pm to 6 30pm - P2 Math 8pm to 9pm - P1 Math
My Online Sessions :
- maximum of 3 students per session
- sessions are conducted on Zoom, for an hour My one-hour sessions are as good as any 1 5hour sessions Its quality
- Per session is $18 per student, fee is $72 per month for 4 sessions
- For Malay tuition, we use assessment books At NO charge i will mail the books We expand topics with English-Malay translation All examinable parts of the Malay Language will be covered
- For Math and English tuition, we use past year papers, downloadable from the Internet I will send you the link
Can My Child Cope With Online?
- Of course, your child can cope My sessions are not individual, however, I start off with just one student and gradually add on I take up to a maximum of 3 students per session to ensure that all my students get their fair share of attention
- It is to a child's advantage to be able to learn in a small , conducive group It is very encouraging for a child to learn with friends from different schools and share their learning experience
- The purpose for setting 8pm for Primary 1 Math and 5 30pm for Primary 2 Math is for parents to be around to help the child navigate Other than that, your child will be able to interact with me well I have conducted sessions for the younger group of students All went well My online sessions are as good as any physical sessions
I :
-am a female, full-time tutor with more than 20 years of tutoring experience ( I am not really old, just rich in experience!) I am 45 years old I am well-versed and updated in the current education syllabus
- am a positive player, disciplined, patient, dedicated and responsible ( it took me years of tutoring experience to get to this level)
- Believe in dedication, motivation, good knowledge, endless words of encouragement and good reinforcement to help children build good knowledge and confidence throughout the current level With that strong knowledge, children will be able to move smoothly up to the next level
Over the years, I have a good mix of local and international school students I teach them through the school syllabus, working closely with parents and students to help achieve the desired results
With the knowledge and experience that I have built over the years, I wish to help more students achieve good confidence and desired results
- have seen numerous students improve and they keep on improving With great patience and understanding which I have built over the years, I imparted necessary knowledge to them They did well and had greater understanding and appreciation of the subjects
Success is not achieved overnight Understanding and cooperation among all contributes to students great achievement Age and experience play vital roles in my career as a full time tutor Everyday is a learning experience and I take it positive
Please WhatsApp me at 9375 2687 for further queries