NUS undergraduate offering online tutoring for MathScienceChem

Posted on 4 months ago SG, Bukit Timah

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I am currently a year 1 undergraduate at NUS studying Pharmacy Previously I was from the IP programme at NJC

A* for Math and Science for PSLE
A Level grades:
H2 Biology --------- B
H2 Chemistry ------ A
H2 Math ------------ A
H2 Econs ----------- A
I am offering online tutoring for Math/Science/Biology/Chemistry for students from P1- JC1
Offering physical tuition subject to location
Math (P1-Sec 2)
Science (P3-Secondary)
Biology, Chem (Secondary-JC2)
Prior to starting university, I had 6 months of experience teaching Secondary 1 Express Math and Science My student saw an improvement from B4-A1 in Math and B4-A2 in Science I would say that I am generally a very patient tutor and open to students messaging me for help after class I will also be sharing my own notes with students during class
Rates: $25/hour - Primary
Rates: $30/hour - Secondary
Rates: $35/hour - JC1
Feel free to whatsapp me at @85886938 (Adeline) for more details! :)