Korean Style Antiblue Light AntiUV Glasses

Posted on 2 years ago SG, Singapore River

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Price: SGD. 12

We are all in this modern world, where use of computers, tablets and cell phones is a must, regardless for work or leisure These devices give off blue light which causes fatigue as it inyerferes with our sleeping patterns In the future, it may also lead to faster aging and poorer health And also our hot Sun, it gives off lots of blue light

These glasses are not only fashionable, their main function is to block off the blue light thus reduces the problems above

1 pcs for $12, 2 pcs for $20

So hurry, while they are gone! Interested parties, please pm me or Whatsapp 96653664

The price stated is with 0 degree But if you are looking for blue light blocking with short-sightedness or long-sightedness, please pm me to custom made