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Having recently finished A levels, I am still equipped with the necessary techniques and study rigor needed to excel in As Econs is a subject whereby it is necessary for the student to clearly identify the more popular concepts and topics that cambridge likes to test on for A levels Having scored nothing below a B for the whole of JC, I was constantly placed at the 85-100 percentile, making me confident of my ability to tutor this subject I have also crafted a series of condensed notes which would effectively sum up all the important concepts of 2 years GP tackles not only content knowledge but also writing skills Having scored nothing below a B for the whole of JC, I am confident I have what it takes to develop the student's writing skills I have also crafted my own set of content notes as the ones given by the school are not comprehensive and organised Hence, GP tuition would tackle both content as well as writing skills, allowing the student to be well prepared for A levels Maths is a subject whereby it is easy to improve given the correct study techniques and application Having scored an A for prelims, I have been exposed to multiple question types Do contact me for more information on my teaching styles, other relevant portfolio etc! Trial Lesson available! Join with a friend for cheaper rates! *Note: I accept incoming j1 students as well! I believe that gap month is a crucial period for students to slowly adjust into the JC curriculum, having a headstart in this competitive marathon