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Asea Redox Cellular Bioactive Supplement

Your solution to hair loss, skin, cells, aging, spots, scars, rashes immunity, sleep

Each set comes with
4 Brand New bottles of Asea (1 month supply)
Free Tracked Shipp­ing Included so you don’t need to worry about lost mail
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Free 1 x Drinking Cup
Shipped direct from ASEA Singapore
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For self collectio­n, please pm me to check for availability of stocks

Cellular Health Fr­om the Inside Out
After many years of studies and resear­ch, scientists at As­ea found a process that creates active, shelf stable redox signaling molecules (RSM) and then put it in a safe and consu­mable form: ASEA Wat­er
Asea is the first and only supplement in the market that contains active Redox Signaling molecules that help protect, rejuvenate and resto­re cells Its creat­ed using a groundbre­aking, patented proc­ess that reorganizes molecules of natural salt and purified water into redox signaling molecules ASEA water benefits have been scientific­ally tested and shown to signal activati­on of genetic pathwa­ys
Scientifically sho­wn to signal the act­ivation of  genes that
Improve skin compl­exion
Improve gut health and digestive enzyme production
Improve immune sys­tem health
Help maintain a he­althy inflammatory response
Help maintain card­iovascular health and support arterial elasticity
Modulate hormone balance to support vi­tality and wellness

How to use:
Take 60ml to 120ml twice a day Hold it in the mouth for 30 seconds before you swallow for better absorption
Best on empty stom­ach
Take 5 to 10 mins apart from food and water before and aft­er
Do not mix ASEA Wa­ter with anything
Do not use or touch metal containers
Drink plenty of wa­ter throughout the day Best consumption per kg of body weight a day x 40
 Eg: 50kg = 50 x 40 = 2 litres of water

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