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  • Date Listed08/05/2020
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    Hougang / Punggol / Sengkang, North
Bonjour à tous, êtes-vous intéressé(s) à apprendre le français? (Hello to all, are you interested in learning French?) Es-tu étudiant à MOELC? Trouves-tu la langue française difficile? (Are you a MOE Language Centre Student? Do you find the French language difficult?) I’m a Law Student from SMU who has been speaking French since 2011 A fellow MOELC alumnus, I graduated from RI with 6 distinctions (or A grades), and yes, H2 French is one of them ( O level French was also A1 ) I hence use the MOELC syllabus to teach French (both from scratch or for those with prior experience ) I have taught a diverse range of students, from MOELC students to working adults and family lessons If you are keen and passionate about the French Language and culture, but you do not know where to start from/ or you find the lessons at the Alliance Française to be too expensive or too slow-paced, I would be honoured to lend you a helping hand in your journey to mastering this beautiful, refined language Also, this goes out to the French Students from sec 1-4 in the MOELC! If you need French tuition, I'll be glad to help you as a senior I would want you to experience and appreciate the feel for the French culture as much as it was an eye-opener for when I started learning the language in Sec 1 All classes are online for now Rates: group of 4: 25/h each group of 3: 30/h each group of 2: 40/h each 1-1: 60/h Global Indian International School SMART (Punggol Campus) students taking IB or O LEVEL/ IGCSE/ CBSE FRENCH, it's a mere 3 min walk from your school gates Merci de votre attention! (Thank you for your attention!)