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Fireproof Filing Cabinets are designed to store paper documents in a file folder to record safe and secure in the event of a fire. We provide one-stop service for your office furniture, cabinet and equipment need. Fireproof filing cabinets are available in 3 different drawers to best suit different needs from different organizations. It come with an option to come with a safe box too. Many of our clients, buy our Fireproof Filing Cabinet to storage P&C documentation, valuable belonging and so on. The drawer size is big enough to store a paper file folder, as well as A4 3inch ring file. FEATURES: Origin: KOREA Locking: 3-Wheel Mechanical Combination Lock @ 1st Top Drawer (Resettable) / Individual keylock (3 keys) for every drawer. / File Separator for every drawer Cabinet Body: Constructed of TOUGH STEEL SHELL with anti-penetration / anti-fire material which provides excellent protection against fire. Overall thickness of body: 50mm Door: Tongue & Grove closure design – deep setting bolt secure firmly into the frame to prevent the penetration of fire & hot gases in event of fire. Bolt work: 4 locking bolts per drawer (TOP & BOTTOM/per drawer) automatically Locked when drawer is closed. Roller: Heavy duty suspension slide rails make the drawer move back and forth smoothly and endure the weight up to 80 kgs max. FIRE-TEST AUTHORITY: 1 HR / 60 mins fire-tested @925C / 1697F UL USA Underwriter Laboratories (UL72 Class 350 – 1 HR) JIS Japanese Industrial Standard (S 1037) SP Research Institutes of Sweden AB (SP NT – Fire 017-60 Paper) KS Korea Standard Association (KS G 4500) Color: Light Grey

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