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CHEAPEST mattress cleaning at 18+/mattress* | We welcome groupbuys

Professional Mattress Cleaning
$80: 2 mattresses ($40/mattress)
$100: 4 mattresses ($25/mattress)
$120: 6 mattresses ($20/mattress)
$168: 9 mattresses ($18+/mattress)

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How often should you engage a mattress cleaning service for your mattress?
Mattress cleaning can aid in minimizing allergy symptoms such as eczema, asthma, and sinus as people with such allergies are often sensitive to dust and dust mites especially when there is a buildup over the years

If you’re taking only preventative measures, we recommend mattress cleaning just once every 6 months is sufficient for removing the build up of dust, dust mites, dead skin cells, body fluid residue and other micro organisms

Mattress / Sofa / Carpet Cleaning Service
Step 1: Dry Vacuum
Remove Hard Debris
Carpet: Raking done to remove hair and fur

Step 2: Deep Dirt Extraction + Shampoo
Flushing is conducted by our industrial grade machine Shampoo used is skin friendly, rapidly biodegradable and non-bleaching
- Stain & Odor Removal*
- Removes dirt, dust & dust mites
- Improves Hygiene & Cleanliness