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China Paddy Seed Brief introduction of hybrid seed for paddy ZZJC021 Compact plant shape, thick stem, erect leaves, sheath, red palea pinkish, dark green leaves, medium tiller ability, sword leaves short, wide, erect, large spikelets, awnless, underleaf, good declination at maturity. Main character of hybrid seed for paddy ZZJC021 Growth period118.20 days Plant height105 cm Effective panicle per Hactare2,490,000 Total grain number per panicle151.40 Seed setting rate81% 1000-grain weight30 g Resistance comprehensive index of rice blast4.45 Leaf blast grade4.84 Neck blast grade6.02 White leaf blight grade5.0 Rice false smut gradeGrade 5 Rice quality of hybrid seed for paddy ZZJC021 Brown rice rate78.4% head rice rate69.80% whole milled rate65% grain length7.1mm Aspect ratio3.1 Chalky grain rate47% Chalkiness degree5.6%, Gel consistency50mm TransparencyGrade 1 Amylose content19.8% Protein content Key points of hybrid seed for paddy ZZJC021: Seeding quantity per Ha : 105-120 kg in seeding field, 15-22.5 kg in field, Seeding age within 25 days planting density : 20cm *16.7cm 2 grain seedlings for each hole Apply sufficient base fertilizer, early application of top fertilizer, appropriate application of panicle fertilizer, when the foot seedling drying, young panicle differentiation in the middle stage of rehydration, panicle flowering stage to maintain the water layer, grout fruiting stage dry and wet alternate, do not dehydrate too early. Pay attention to the prevention and control of rice blast, sheath blight, rice planthope, stem borers and other diseases and insect pests, and the specific cultivation measures shall follow the guidance of the local agricultural technology department.   experienceChina Paddy Seed website: [***]